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    • Ethical Considerations at the Intersection of Psychiatry and Religion 

      Peteet, John R., 1947- (Editor); Dell, Mary Lynn (Editor); Fung, Wai Lun Alan (Editor); Tyndale University; Department of Psychology; Tyndale University, J. William Horsey Library, 3377 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, M2M 3S4, Canada. Contact: (Oxford University PressLondon, UK, 2018)
      Summary: Ethical Considerations at the Intersection of Psychiatry and Religion aims to give mental health professionals a conceptual framework for understanding the role of R/S in ethical decision-making and serve as ...
    • Experiencing Music: Music's Influence on Emotion and Cognition 

      Madill, Anastasia W. S. (Tyndale University, 2021-03)
      Music can be used to express emotions, thoughts and feelings. This study explores how music impacts emotions and memory, and whether Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) construct interact with ...
    • International Perspectives and Ethical Issues in Religion and Psychiatry 

      Sarhan, Walid; Fung, Wai Lun Alan (Oxford University PressLondon, UK, 2018)
    • Principles and Practice in Educating Christians About Mental Health: A Primer 

      Fung, Wai Lun Alan; Mirham, Meria; Okamoto, Tom; Shepherd, Victor A., 1944- (Springer International PublishersBasel, Switzerland, 2021)
      There is a growing recognition of the presence and prevalence of mental health issues in Christian communities, and their impacts on affected individuals, families, and congregations. This has encouraged collaborations and ...
    • The Relationship between Emotional Competence and Implicit Social Cognition 

      Quinn, Krista A. (Tyndale University, 2021-03-22)
      The contribution of emotional intelligence towards healthy interpersonal interaction has been well documented (Lopes et a., 2004, Lopes et al., 2005, Schutte et al., 2001, Vescio et al., 2003). Presumably, holding implicit ...
    • Video Games as a Form of Stress Relief and Emotional Improvement 

      Scott, Shaylee (Tyndale University, 2022-03)
      The potential risk factors and benefits of video games have been a topic of interest in psychology for quite some time (Anderson & Carnegey, 2009; Bushman & Gibson, 2011; Granic et al., 2014). This research study addressed ...