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    • Acoustics of Kalasha Laterals 

      Kochetov, Alexei, 1967-; Heegård Petersen, Jan; Arsenault, Paul (American Institute of Physics for the Acoustical Society of AmericaNew York, 2020)
      Kalasha, a Northwestern Indo-Aryan language spoken in a remote mountainous region of Pakistan, is relatively unusual among languages of the region as it has lateral approximants contrasting in secondary articulation—velarization ...
    • Two Types of Retroflex Harmony in Kalasha: Implications for Phonological Typology 

      Arsenault, Paul; Kochetov, Alexei, 1967- (Oxford University PressKarachi, 2022)
      Recent cross-linguistic surveys by Hansson (2001; 2010) and Rose & Walker (2004) have revealed that consonant harmony systems exhibit unique typological properties that set them apart from other assimilation patterns ...