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    • An Analysis of Clark Pinnock's Open Theism as a Potential Solution to Theodicy 

      Zeeb, Janelle Louise (Tyndale University College & Seminary, 2015-08)
      Clark Pinnock has been one of the most notable advocates of open theism; an idea which has been gaining ground over the last few decades. This thesis will examine Pinnock's understanding of open theism as pertains to the ...
    • 'His Mercy is Over all His Works': John Wesley's Mature Vision of New Creation 

      Pedlar, James E., 1979- (Canadian Evangelical Theological AssociationHepburn, Sask, 2013)
      For much of his life, John Wesley accepted common Christian assumptions regarding final salvation as a state of spiritual rest in paradise. Late in life, however, he rejected these assumptions, as “the new creation” became ...