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    • Are Bare Particulars Constituents? 

      Davis, Richard Brian, 1963- (SpringerDordrecht, Netherlands, 2013)
      In this article I examine an as yet unexplored aspect of J.P. Moreland’s defense of so-called bare particularism — the ontological theory according to which ordinary concrete particulars (e.g., Socrates) contain bare ...
    • How to Individuate Universals—Or Not 

      Davis, Richard Brian, 1963- (Kluwer Academic PublishersDordrecht, Netherlands, 2013)
      In a recent article in this journal, J. P. Moreland (2013) extends his theory of individuation to include universals. In this note, I show how Moreland’s novel proposal leads to the unwanted conclusion that every concrete ...
    • A Puzzle for Particulars? 

      Davis, Richard Brian, 1963-; Brown, David S. (Springer[S.l.], 2008)