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    • Atonement in Leviticus and Hebrews: Convergences and Divergences 

      Risk, Kenneth (Tyndale University, 2022-04-18)
      Leviticus describes cultic rituals within the historical context of the ancient Near East. In the biblical narrative, YHWH instructs Moses and the Levitical priesthood in various sacrificial offerings to provide atonement ...
    • Relationships Between Psychological Birth Order and Perfectionism 

      Dungey, Cheyenne (Tyndale University, 2022-04-11)
      Research examining ordinal birth order in relation to various variables has continued for decades with mixed results. However, with the resurgence of an Adlerian conceptualization of birth order, studies have begun producing ...
    • Video Games as a Form of Stress Relief and Emotional Improvement 

      Scott, Shaylee (Tyndale University, 2022-03)
      The potential risk factors and benefits of video games have been a topic of interest in psychology for quite some time (Anderson & Carnegey, 2009; Bushman & Gibson, 2011; Granic et al., 2014). This research study addressed ...