2023 Annual Wesley Studies Symposium, April 25, 2023 - Heritage and Hope: Wesleyan Wisdom for the Future of Ministry, Celebrating 30 Years of the Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies

Keynote speakers were: Dr. Howard Snyder and Dr. Victor Shepherd

We are living in a time of tremendous challenge for the church: social unrest, the continuing collapse of Christendom, the challenges of intercultural ministry, the ever-changing technological landscape, changing patterns of church attendance and affiliation...in many we are sailing in uncharted waters. How can John Wesley and the Wesleyan heritage help keep us on an even keel as we navigate toward a brighter future for the church and its ministry? How does a Wesleyan "optimism of grace" keep us oriented in a disorienting time?

This year we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Wesley Chair by welcoming back the two previous occupants of the Chair as our keynote speakers: Dr Victor Shepherd and Dr Howard Snyder. Both men are outstanding scholars who are well known to the Canadian Wesleyan community. Dr Shepherd held the chair from 1993-2003, and has continues to serve at Tyndale as Professor Emeritus of Theology. Dr. Snyder was the Chair from 2007-2012, and is presently the International Representative of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre.

Speakers included:

Keynote Address (1): Victor A. Shepherd (ThD, Toronto - inaugural holder of the Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies, 1993-2004. He continues to teach at Tyndale as Professor Emeritus of Theology). "The Chair of Wesley Studies: Its Birth-Pangs at Tyndale, Its Unapologetic Contribution of Theological Riches, Its Full Flowering in a World God Refuses to Forsake"

Keynote Address (2): Howard A. Snyder (PhD, Notre Dame - held the Bastian Chair from 2007-2012, and currently serves as International Representative of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre). "Unlikely Twins: Francis of Assisi and John Wesley - Implications for Pastoral Ministry Today"

Carter, Tammy. "Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library."

Newman, Sarah (MDiv, Tyndale - is a recent graduate of Tyndale Seminary who has been accepted into the PhD program in Biblical Studies at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto). "Dreams as Divine Revelation: A Wesleyan Approach."

Perry, Aaron (PhD, Regent U - is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership at Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University). "Five Marks for Wesleyan Leadership Today."

Sheffield, Dan (MRE, McMaster - is Senior Pastor at Grapeview Free Methodist Church and an instructor at Tyndale Seminary). "Seeking an Alternative Narrative for a Secular Age."

Watson, James (PhD, Fuller - is Corps Health and Planting Consultant for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda and an instructor at Tyndale Seminary). "Methodist Tentmakers: Learning from the Present, Dreaming about the Future."

Williams, Stuart (DMin, Nazarene Theological Seminary - is Senior Pastor of Skyview Community Church of the Nazarene in Calgary). "The Promise of Difference: An Intercultural Response to Racial Diversity within the Canadian Church."

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