Dr. Ian W. Scott is Associate Professor of New Testament

BRE, Emmanuel Bible College, 1995

MCS, Regent College, 1998

PhD, McMaster University (Religious Studies), 2004

Recent Submissions

  • Your Reasoning Worship’: ΛΟΓΙΚΟΣ in Romans 12:1 and Paul’s Ethics of Rational Deliberation 

    Scott, Ian W., 1973- (Oxford University PressLondon, UK, 2018)
    In Romans 12:1 the phrase λογικὴ λατρεία has usually been understood to mean a service that is either ‘reasonable’ or ‘spiritual’. Yet an extensive study of the uses of λογικός in Greek literature prior to Paul’s writing ...
  • Common Ground? The Role of Galatians 2.16 in Paul's Argument 

    Scott, Ian W. (Cambridge University PressCambridge, UK, 2007-07)
    Several scholars have argued that Paul’s statements about ‘justification’ in Gal 2.16 are intended to serve as common ground with his Galatian opponents. Yet Paul seems to argue polemically for the same idea in 2.21. ...
  • The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha : OCP 

    Scott, Ian W., 1973- (Editor); Penner, Ken M. (Editor); Miller, David M., 1932- (Editor); Tyndale University; Seminary; Tyndale University, J. William Horsey Library, 3377 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, M2M 3S4, Canada. Contact: repository@tyndale.ca (The Society of Biblical LiteratureAtlanta, Georgia, 2004)