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  • Birch, Heather

    Dr. Heather Birch is the Director of the Bachelor of Education Program and Associate Professor of Education.
  • Carter, Craig A.

    Dr. Craig A. Carter is Research Professor of Theology
  • Chapman, Mark

    Dr. Mark Chapman is the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. He is also Associate Professor of Research Methods.
  • Das, Rupen

    Dr. Rupen Das is Research Professor of Social Justice, Compassion and Development.
  • Davis, Richard B.

    Dr. Richard B. Davis is Professor of Philosophy and Chair, Department of Philosophy at Tyndale University.
  • Duquette, Natasha

    Dr. Natasha Duquette is currently the Academic Dean and Professor of Literature at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College,
  • Faught, C. Brad

    Dr. C. Brad Faught is Professor of History and Global Studies at Tyndale University. He is also Chair, Department of History and Global Studies.
  • Franklin, Patrick S.

    Dr. Patrick S. Franklin is Associate Professor of Theology
  • Green, Beth

    Dr. Beth Green is Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Tyndale University.
  • Idestrom, Rebecca

    Dr. Rebecca Idestrom is Professor of Old Testament.
  • Kessler, John

    Dr. John Kessler is Professor of Old Testament.
  • Ni, Xingqun

    Dr. Xingqun Ni is a part-time instructor in the Canadian Chinese School of Theology (CCST) at Tyndale Seminary.
  • Pedlar, James E.

    Dr. James Pedlar holds the Donald N. and Kathleen G. Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies. He is an Associate Professor of Theology.
  • Reynolds, Benjamin E.

    Dr. Benjamin E. Reynolds is Professor of New Testament. He is also Chair, Department of Biblical Studies and Theology.
  • Ross, Nancy

    Dr. Nancy Ross is Associate Professor of Psychology.
  • Shepherd, Victor A.

    Dr. Victor A. Shepherd is Emeritus Professor of Theology
  • Siew, Yau Man

    Dr. Yau Man Siew is Associate Professor of Christian Education and Discipleship.
  • Stanberry, Kern

    Dr. Kern Stanberry is Assistant Professor of Counselling.

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