Dr. Beth Green is Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Tyndale University.

DPhil, University of Oxford, Green Templeton College, 2009.

MA, University of London, King's College, 2002.

PGCE, University of Cambridge, School of Education, 1999.

BA, University of Oxford, The Queen's College, 1998.

Copyright, Tyndale University. All rights reserved.

Recent Submissions

  • Secular Social Theory and Christian Schools 

    Green, E. H. (SAGEThousand Oaks, Calif., 2012)
    This article argues that Christian educators should be aware of the way that Christian beliefs interact with the structure and practices of secular education policies and that engaging with established secular social ...
  • The Contours for Researching Religion and School Choice 

    Green, E. H. (Taylor & Francis GroupAbingdon. England, 2018-09-27)
    This paper argues that contemporary conceptual frameworks for understanding religion may not be adequate for the arena of religion and school choice. Successive published research suggests that people are choosing religious ...
  • The Negotiation and Articulation of Identity, Position and Ethos in Joint Church Academies. 

    Green, E. H. (Taylor & Francis GroupAbingdon, England, 2014-02-14)
    This paper summarises the key findings of a research project into the identity, position and ethos of jointly sponsored church academies. The research sought to investigate how joint church academies are situated within ...
  • Mapping the Field 

    Green, E. H.; Cooling, T. (TheosLondon, 2009)