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    • Was C.S. Lewis a Rational Determinist? 

      Davis, Richard Brian, 1963- (Edinburgh University PressEdinburgh, 2022-10)
      In his recently published book C. S. Lewis (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018), Stewart Goetz argues that C.S. Lewis endorsed a form of rational determinism, according to which we are causally determined to draw the conclusions we do. ...
    • What Place, Then, for Rational Apologetics? 

      Davis, Richard Brian, 1963-; Franks, W. Paul (Moody PublishingChicago, IL, 2014)
    • Where the Bootstrapping Really Lives 

      Gould, Paul M., 1971-; Davis, Richard Brian, 1963- (Fordham University PressNew York, 2017-12)
      Modified Theistic Activism is the view that abstract objects not essentially possessed by God fall under God’s creative activity in one way or another. Michelle Panchuk has argued that this position succumbs to the ...