Dr. Paul Arsenault is Assistant Professor of Linguistics.

PhD, University of Toronto, 2012.

MA, University of Hyderabad, India, 2002.

SIL Linguistic Training, Canada Institute of Linguistics, 1998.

BTh, Master's College and Seminary (formerly EPBC), 1995.

Recent Submissions

  • Retroflex Consonant Harmony: An Areal Feature in South Asia 

    Arsenault, Paul (De Gruyter MoutonBerlin, Germany, 2015)
    Retroflexion is a well-known areal feature of South Asia. Most South Asian languages, regardless of their genetic affiliation, contrast retroflex consonants with their non-retroflex dental counterparts. However, South Asian ...
  • Retroflexion in South Asia: Typological, Genetic, and Areal Patterns 

    Arsenault, Paul (De Gruyter MoutonBerlin, Germany, 2017)
    Retroflexion in South Asia has been the subject of at least two previous typological studies: Ramanujan and Masica (1969) and Tikkanen (1999). Despite their many virtues, these studies are limited by the size of their data ...